Summer Winds all Year

This Vieques vacation villa is located in a highly desirable area  - the rolling hills above charming Esperanza. Trade winds refresh your soul.

Views of the Vieques Hills, the Caribbean and the Beach at Sun Bay. 

Count the shooting stars and listen to the songs of the coqui from your lounge chair on the tiled veranda.

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Coconut Palms- on the Villa grounds.
      Swing in the hammock                           Relax in the Great Room                          Lounge on the veranda            
Better than a Vieques guest house or Vieques hotel, Vieques lodging in Starlight Villa is possibly your best Vieques accomodation.

Don't Worry - Be Happy
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Vieques Vacation from the Ordinary

Drop your bags. Slip into shorts and flip flops. 
Pour something cold over ice. Chill...Relax....

Step out onto the huge tiled veranda and soak in the warmth. A perfect start... more 

To Get Started - Talk to the owner - Jackie  

Log Off. Lime In. Find Your Vieques Beach.
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