Vieques accomodation

It's peaceful. Serene. Closer to nature than you're probably used to and very private.

It's not 'close to town' or 'walking distance to the beach' but close enough to be convenient - and far enough to make a remarkable difference in the way you feel.

Who wouldn't enjoy water views. Or delightful trade winds blowing up the valley, cooling your stay?

It's the textures of nature that people come here for - 
sun, wind, sand, clouds, the whisper of palm trees rustling in the breeze. 
Birds sing at dusk and dawn, a chorus of night creatures sound their contentment after dark. 

The night sky. Wow. Stars you don't see back home. 
Their silent shining soothes away the stress. 
You'll feel comfortable, relaxed and secure while observing the universe from your laid back lounge chair.

The Night Sounds Must Be Heard

You won't see the coquis at night but their enchanting song will fill your senses.

For this you must sleep in a room in the country, in the hills, with open windows. This is the only way. 

In the hot cement city you need to shut your windows and turn on the AC . . . you lose the symphony that ancient islanders slept to for countless ages!

You'll never hear anything quite like the symphony of a million coquis singing. 

Spend your vacation in the city or in an air conditioned hotel room you will hear the rumor of this amazing event, but miss it. 

At Starlight Villa  you will especially hear them sing after a rainshower, in the cool of the evening. Be careful it may enchant you.

                         100% Beauty of Nature!

Modern Furnishings: 

This is not your grandmothers furniture, it's well appointed in carribean style. Woven woods, bamboo and light color tones throughout. The walls are adorned with watercolors - mostly island scenes, and the floors are white tile.

The large kitchen has all the implements for whipping up something fast or something fancy. Clean, it's all very clean and nice. 

Sleeping Accomodations: Perfect for couples.

 2 bedrooms on Great Room level:
    one has a full size bed
    the other has 2 twin beds (push apart or together). 
2 bedrooms on the lower level:
   the largest has a King bed (inviting) 
   the other has 2 twin beds (push apart or together). 

Dont' think it's too big for one couple - it's not. It's cozy enough. 

I love to be there even if totally alone. The thing is, it's basically quiet. Not quiet and lonely but quiet and comfortable. Nice. Geared for restoration of your senses. 
No sirens, No ambulences, No honking of horns, No screamin' neighbors and only a few chickens within cacklin' distance. 

The good news - you'll rarely hear human voices other than your own party while on the grounds. A few cars go by and people wave hello. Walking the hilly dirt road for excercise is common for folks staying in Villas furthur up the hillsides. 
You'll see.


What About the Pool? 

There's a Villa a lot like ours with a pool. It's nice but we're going to the beach everyday anyway so why spend the extra money?

Vieques has some of the world's best beaches and they're all unique. Red Beach, Green Beach, Blue Beach, Media Luna, Sun Bay and more..all different, all amazing. 

Forget the pool. Go to the beachs. 

   Rock On

Just because it's quiet doesn't mean you   have to tiptoe around. 
Crank the boombox and get the party 

Nobody's going to complain about you 
being too loud.
Get into your flip -flops
Get into your flip -flopsGet into your flip -flopsGet into your flip -flops
Get into your flip -flops
Casual dress required
Warm your bones here.