Sunrise is like Sunset - Excellent! 

The puffy white clouds usually come from the direction of Red Beach, Puerto Rico (rated #2 beach in the world by YAHOO) and at sunset the sky is often ablaze with color.
Spend a day at a beach...a different one every day. 
Each beach is unique and some are the world's finest.
Swim, snorkel, kayak, bike, tan & unwind!
Return to homebase for showers, appetizers and a cold one. 
Hang out on the veranda, read, sleep in the sun or shade.

That's what a Caribbean vacation is all about.


Fine dining opportunity awaits                Master Suite - King size bed                 Relax and enjoy the tranquility
It's Comfy! ...and very clean, too.
Burnt Out? You Need to Come.

Fried mind, shattered nerves, stressed out?

This is the cure.

"I know from first-hand experience,
this is the cure!"
                                 - Steve Nickse, owner
Don't Worry - Be Happy
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