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Waiting Isn't Always Smart

   1 - It's never too soon to save the date,but it could be too late.
   2 - Rental cars are in short supply during high season. 
   3 - It's important to make a convenient reservation to fly off  
        island to catch your jet in San Juan. Book early - save $
   4 - You'll have something solid to look forward to. Until you 
        book it, it's just a day dream.


Esperanza - the Malecon
Cool Boats                                                            Dreamy Sunsets                   Cozy up to a corner with your computer
Esperanza on Vieques Island

Starlight Villa is 15-minute drive from The Vieques W hotel -  
5 minutes from Esperanza.

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Don't Worry - Be Happy
"The Night Sounds Are Incredible"

...we turn the house lights off, lay back in a lounge chair and observe the visible universe - a thousand stars twinkle on a clear night.

Night sounds are incredible...

No sirens. No trucks. No screamin next door neighbors.
Just little treefrogs and crickets going into concert after dark. An unbelievable natural symphony.

Are you a nature lover... You have to hear this!
How to Get Started
ViequesTaxi Driver from San Juan airport to Fajardo (the ferry) or Ceiba airport.
Call Henry  (Enrique Cruz)   787-632-9600  
Raised in Manhattan - 20 Years in Puerto Rico
Friendly, dependable, informative, we call Henry every time.

Reserve in advance - tell him Jackie from Boston sent you.
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